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A Home Away from Homes for Children

Founded in 2002, Little Eton Bilingual Kindergarten has established an outstanding reputation for its quality management, education, and services. Combining the essence of Eastern and Western cultures and immers­ing children in both English and Chinese languages, Little Eton provides early childhood education that meets international standards. Children aged from two to six years old grow and thrive at Little Eton in a learning environ­ment filled with warmth, love, and happiness.
Little Eton Bilingual Kindergarten is a member of National Association for the Education of Young Children, a US-based education association.

招收二至六岁中外籍幼儿。多年来坚持打造高品质的学前教育体系,致力于为中外籍家庭提供整合中西方文化精髓的双语、双文化幼儿教育,在幼儿早期中英文双语智力开发方面有着独到之处。是上海滩首屈一指的品牌双语幼稚园。小伊顿双语幼稚园自建园起就是美国国家幼教协会(NAEYC )会员。