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Scientific researches find that bilingualism has a positive impact on the intellectual growth of young children during their first six years of language acquisition. Bilingualism enhances a child's mental development by leaving them with better comprehension and demonstration skills, as well as increased creativity and critical thinking abilities.
After years of research and practice, Little Eton has developed its own integrated bilingual curriculum, with an emphasis on Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligence. Our teaching plan integrates many different subjects and activities within a specified monthly theme and are executed in both English and Chinese.

经过多年积累和研究,小伊顿已打造出一套完整的园本课程体系同一主题下中英文整合课程大纲,配以美国Longman English 出版的幼儿英语教材和上海市二期课改教材 ,融中英文教学于同一主题之下 ,强调幼儿在八大智能方面的全面发展。

小伊顿宝宝双语启智Totsgarten (20-36月)
Age年龄Class班级(全日Full Day)
 50% English; 50%   Chinese
20M (月)-28M (月)T1
28M (月)-36M (月)T2
小伊顿幼儿双语教学Kindergarten (3-6岁)
Age年龄Class班级(全日Full Day)
 70% English; 30%   Chinese
3 - 4 years (岁)K1
4 - 5 years (岁)K2
5 - 6 years (岁)K3

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